Promoting an evidence based approach to humanitarian action at the World Humanitarian Summit

About us

Partners and supporters of the Evidence Lounge want the humanitarian sector to increase its commitment to an evidence-based approach to humanitarian action.

When and where appropriate, we seek to strengthen the humanitarian sector’s evidence base, improve the sharing and dissemination of the evidence available and promote the use of evidence, all through collaborations that preferably include the crisis affected populations.

The Evidence Lounge will start as an online initiative to build momentum toward the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), where there will be a stand at the Exhibition fair. Continuing online interaction during the WHS aims to bring the online community together with those in Istanbul. The Evidence Lounge at the WHS intends to provide a platform for those attending to endorse the core message, share initiatives that support the use of robust evidence in humanitarian decision making and action and interact with each other. It is a multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to leave a lasting impact.

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The Evidence Lounge is led by Evidence Aid in partnership with:


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With additional support from:

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